Christ’s Mission in Liverpool

Nelson Pike

Welcome to my missionary blog!

I’m a Missionary of the Episcopal Church, USA, placed in Liverpool, UK, at the Anglican Cathedral of Liverpool. Read below to stay up to date with my latest missionary adventures!

Lent During Coronatide?

I was recently invited to blog on the Cathedral website and on the Cathedral’s prayer blog, Prayer for Liverpool ( I thought that I would also share it with the readers of my own blog as well. If you’re like me, and you have been known to look far too ahead in the calendar every …

Wall Juice

The 28th of December saw my first attempt at making roast beef — and spending the night in the hospital.  To be concise, I had swallowed a piece of beef that went down my food tube but not below the base of my throat, so I was unable to swallow anything else (including saliva). I …

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